Migration Portal 4.3.0 release notes v4

Released: 08 Dec 2022

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Portal 4.3.0 include the following:

EnhancementThe Migration Portal has been enhanced to support the assessment and migration of users, roles, profiles and grants from the source Oracle database.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal has been updated to provide links to the new version of the EDB DDL Extractor that provides support for extracting users, roles, profiles and grants. The Migration Portal is still able to process and assess DDL generated by the older version of the EDB DDL Extractor; however, the newly supported user related information cannot be extracted by those older versions.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal schema migration complexity scoring and feature analysis capability has been enhanced to provide a score and feature analysis that is based on the selected target EDB Postgres Advanced Server version and not only on version 14 as was the case in the prior releases.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal user interface for migrating schemas to a target database has been simplified to enable offline and online migration modes with a reduced number of steps and redundant options.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal migration complexity and feature analysis capability has been enhanced to capture and report the presence of Oracle features that had previously not been being captured, including the following features: CONNECT BY CONDITION, CONNECT BY NOCYCLE, and Built-in/SYS owned Function GROUP_ID.
Security fixThe jackson-databind library used by the Migration Portal has been updated to address the security vulnerabilities identified in CVE-2022-42003 and CVE-2022-42004.
Bug fixFixed the handling of MAXVALUE for sequences to avoid warnings and also to resolve the issue with the maximum value allowed for MAXVALUE supported in the target EDB Postgres Advanced Server database.
Bug fixFixed an issue in the handling of ALTER TABLE MODIFY statements related to virtual table columns that are found in the extracted DDL generated using the Oracle Data Pump utility.
Bug fixFixed an issue where the PIPELINED clause feature is not reported when the clause is used within a package function definition.
Bug fixFixed an issue related to catalog views not being detected and reported in compatible features in certain cases.