Migration Portal 4.4.0 release notes v4

Released: 14 Feb 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Portal 4.4.0 include the following:

EnhancementThe Migration Portal now supports EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 15, the latest major version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal has been enhanced to provide the option to preserve the Oracle default case for object names in a migration project. In Postgres, the default case for object names is lowercase. In Oracle, it is uppercase. In most cases, the Postgres default case should be used when migrating a database to Postgres; however, this new option is being provided to better support those applications that specifically use quoted uppercase identifiers in their database queries. Note that while the new capability enables all objects to be created with quoted uppercase names, the initial implementation does not update object name references specified in procedural code.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal migration complexity and feature analysis capability has been enhanced to capture and report the presence of certain Oracle features that had previously not been captured, including the OUTER JOIN WITH BETWEEN feature, which corresponds to the use of a BETWEEN clause as a condition of an outer join in a query.
EnhancementThe Migration Portal has been enhanced with the new ERH-3008 repair handler which removes CONSTRAINT clause(s) from CREATE VIEW statements because this feature is not supported in EDB Postgres Advanced Server. As part of this enhancement, the schema assessment report Feature Analysis section related capabilities have been updated to identify and report VIEW COLUMN CONSTRAINT occurrences with a categorization of 'Features with existing available workaround'.
EnhancementThe ERH-2057 repair handler has been enhanced to remove the precision part from LONG data type.
Bug fixThe EDB DDL Extractor has been updated to extract ROLE to ROLE grants that were not previously being fetched.
Bug fixFixed an issue where the DDL for a VIEW was being truncated after the DATE keyword, when used to specify a date literal.
Bug fixFixed an issue that resulted in the removal of the DEFAULT clause on table columns that are specified with EXTENDED as the column name.
Bug fixFixed an issue where an incorrect object count was being shown in the assessment report, after a user manually repairs an object.
Bug fixFixed an issue with the ERH-2059 repair handler where the schema name was incorrectly being removed from row type objects specified with a schema name prefix after converting from the Oracle PIPE ROW syntax to the Postgres RETURN NEXT syntax.
OtherAdded a Migration Portal Knowledge Base entry with a proposed workaround for migrating TO_TIMESTAMP_TZ() function calls with a single argument, which are not supported in EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
OtherSupport for EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 10 has been removed. Users can no longer select EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 as a target database for new migration projects. Users are also no longer able to upload new schemas and edit and reassess objects in existing EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 projects.

End of support notice

Since the end of standard support for EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) version 11 is scheduled for November 20, 2023, more recent versions of EPAS that will be supported beyond 2023 should be selected for new Migration Portal projects. Support for EPAS 11 is planned to begin being removed from the Migration Portal on May 20, 2023 to help ensure that no new EPAS 11 projects will be created after this date.

To maximize the length of available support and to take advantage of new features, particularly those that provide additional compatibility with Oracle, EDB recommends selecting the latest EPAS version as the target of a Migration Portal project. See the EDB Platform Compatibility page for more information on the support periods for each EDB Postgres Advanced Server major version.