Migration Portal 4.5.0 release notes v4

Released: 18 May 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Portal 4.5.0 include the following:

EnhancementMigration Portal’s migration complexity and feature analysis capability now captures and reports the presence of the following Oracle features that weren't previously captured: SELECT FOR UPDATE OF, ANY with = <> != operators, ANY with > < >= <= operators, IS JSON CHECK CONSTRAINT, LISTAGG ON OVERFLOW, UNDER IN TYPE DEFINITION, REF IN TYPE SPECIFICATIONS, OVERRIDING SUBPROGRAM DECLARATION IN TYPE, and OF IN OBJECT VIEW CLAUSE.
EnhancementThe EDB DDL Extractor utility now provides you with the option to extract GRANT statements only if desired when extracting schemas. Previously, GRANT statements were always extracted. Now, you can choose to extract them. By default, GRANT statements aren't extracted.
EnhancementMigration Portal now indicates when a project is targeting an EDB Postgres Advanced Server database version that's nearing the end of normal support and restricts further updates to the project when support for the target database is removed from Migration Portal.
EnhancementMigration Portal now shows the project creation date and Migration Portal version used when the project was created in the Overview section of the Migration Portal user interface.
EnhancementMigration Portal now detects the SQLERRM() function as an incompatible function for target database versions 11 to 14.
EnhancementMigration Portal now has a new repair handler (ERH-2103) that replaces the use of the = ANY operator with IN and the != ANY operator with NOT IN.
EnhancementRepair handler ERH-2100 now detects and removes WRITE ON DIRECTORY grant privileges, which aren't supported by EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
Bug fixFixed the issue where some unsupported system grants like IMPORT FULL and EXPORT FULL weren't being removed by Migration Portal.
Bug fixFixed the issue where the DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_CALL_STACK and DBMS_UTILITY.LNAME_ARRAY functions were incorrectly flagged as incompatible when they're supported in EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
Bug fixFixed the issue where the CREATE ROLE statement wasn't getting extracted for a role that's assigned to another role.
Bug fixRemoved the unnecessary SET SEARCH_PATH=GLOBAL_OBJECTS statement from the project export sql file.
Bug fixFixed the issue that was causing the Migration Portal assessment process to error out during the file parsing phase in a specific use case.
Bug fixFixed the issue where nested tables that were being extracted and included in the uploaded source DDL by the Oracle Data Pump utilities was causing a parsing failure. EDB Postgres Advanced Server doesn't support nested tables. As a result, they're removed from the source DDL prior to processing and assessment by Migration Portal.
Security fixThe ejs library (for Node.js) used by Migration Portal was updated to address the security vulnerabilities identified in CVE-2022-29078 and CVE-2021-23566.
Security fixThe terser (NPM) library used by Migration Portal was updated to address the security vulnerability identified in CVE-2022-25858.

End-of-support notice

Since the end of standard support for EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) version 11 is scheduled for November 20, 2023, select more recent versions of EPAS that are supported beyond 2023 for new Migration Portal projects. Support for EPAS 11 is planned to begin being removed from Migration Portal on May 20, 2023 to help ensure that no new EPAS 11 projects are created after this date.

To maximize the length of available support and to take advantage of new features, particularly those that provide additional compatibility with Oracle, we recommend selecting the latest EPAS version as the target of a Migration Portal project. See the EDB Platform Compatibility page for more information on the support periods for each EDB Postgres Advanced Server major version.