Migration Portal 4.6.0 release notes v4

Released: 19 Oct 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Portal 4.6.0 include the following:

EnhancementImproved performance of the schema parsing phase for large schema files that contain a large number of Oracle objects.
EnhancementMigration Portal now supports assessing and migrating the DEFAULT profile.
EnhancementA new repair handler (ERH-2104) was added that replaces XMLTable with XMLParse if the XMLTable call has a single argument.
EnhancementA new repair handler (ERH-2105) was added that puts parentheses around the value of the IN clause inside SELECT statements.
Bug FixFixed the ERH-2030 repair handler issue where the NEW and OLD variable names updated in the REFERENCING clause by the repair handler weren't also updated in the WHEN clause of the trigger definition.
Bug FixFixed the ERH-2065 repair handler to remove the INMEMORY and NO INMEMORY clauses from the SUBPARTITION TEMPLATE clause.
Bug FixFixed the ERH-2002 repair handler issue where it wasn't being applied in some scenarios.
Bug FixFixed the ERH-2009 repair handler issue where it wasn't being applied in some scenarios.
Bug FixFixed the issue where the occurrence of the UTL_HTTP.END_OF_BODY exception inside PL/SQL objects wasn't handled in the parsing phase.
Bug FixFixed the issue where GRANT EXECUTE ON DIRECTORY statements weren't getting removed from the uploaded source DDL scripts.
Bug FixFixed the issue where the XMLRoot function was incorrectly flagged as incompatible although it's supported in EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
Bug FixFixed the issue where an assessment fails because of an OutOfMemoryError exception in some scenarios.
Bug FixFixed parsing issues related to the usage of the REMARK, HOST and PROMPT keywords in schema files.
Bug FixFixed the issue where column names inside check constraints weren't double-quoted when the Use Oracle's default case for schema migration option was selected for the project.
Bug FixFixed the EDB DDL Extractor script so that it performs the permission check prior to performing the Oracle version check and actual schema extraction.
Bug FixUpdated the DDL parser to comment out GRANT RESOURCE statements generated for roles without a schema.

End-of-support notice

EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 11 standard support is ending by November 20, 2023. Support for EDB Postgres Advanced Sever version 11 was removed from Migration Portal on May 20, 2023 to ensure that no new EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 11 projects were created after this date.

To maximize the length of available support and to take advantage of new features, particularly those that provide added compatibility with Oracle, we recommend selecting the latest EDB Postgres Advanced Server version as the target of a Migration Portal project. See the EDB Platform Compatibility page for more information on the support periods for each EDB Postgres Advanced Server major version.