Overview of the Migration Portal Projects page v4

The Migration Portal Projects page provides detailed information about your migration.

The Migration Portal Projects Page overview.

Use the following resources to gather information about your migration projects:

  • Compatible: The Compatible gauge displays the color on the basis of the compatibility percentage of the assessed schema.

  • Schema Count: Displays the number of schemas in a project.

  • Migrate to: Select Migrate to to migrate the schema to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server on premises or in the cloud.

  • Search objects: Use the Search box to search for objects.

  • Filters: From the left panel of the Projects page, you can filter the system repaired and manual repaired objects. You can select one or more filter combinations to refine the information.

  • Objects: Displays the objects for the selected schemas.

  • Common Failures: Displays the reason for the failed objects for the selected schemas.


    You can download a .csv file for the common failures for the project.

  • Schema: Displays the result of the assessment.

  • Tooltip: Hover over a result set to display a tooltip with the number of passed, failed, and repaired objects.

  • Quick help: The Quick help panel displays links to Knowledge Base articles and repair handler documentation.

  • Search: Use the Search box to search the Knowledge Base entries or repair handler documentation for specific information.