Installing EDB Pgpool-II Extensions on Ubuntu 22.04 x86_64 v4


Before you begin the installation process:

  • Install Postgres on the same host. See:

  • Set up the EDB repository.

    Setting up the repository is a one-time task. If you have already set up your repository, you don't need to perform this step.

    To determine if your repository exists, enter this command:

    apt-cache search enterprisedb

    If no output is generated, the repository isn't installed.

    To set up the EDB repository:

    1. Go to EDB repositories.

    2. Select the button that provides access to the EDB repository.

    3. Select the platform and software that you want to download.

    4. Follow the instructions for setting up the EDB repository.

Install the package

sudo apt-get -y install edb-as<xx>-pgpool<yy>-extensions

Where <xx> is the EDB Postgres Advanced Server version and <yy> is the EDB Pgpool-II version you are installing. For example, if you are installing EDB Pgpool-II version 4.4 and EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 15, the package name would be edb-as15-pgpool44-extensions.