Installing Slony Replication on a Windows Host v2.2.10

Graphical installers for Slony Replication are available via StackBuilder Plus (for EDB Postgres Advanced Server hosts) or Stack Builder (on PostgreSQL hosts).

The following steps walk you through installing Slony Replication via StackBuilder Plus. You can access StackBuilder Plus through your Windows start menu.

  1. Open StackBuilder Plus and select your EDB Postgres Advanced Server installation from the drop-down list on the Welcome window. Click Next to continue to the application selection page.

The StackBuilder Plus Welcome window

Fig. 1: The StackBuilder Plus Welcome window

  1. Expand the Replication Solutions node, and check the box next to the Slony Replication version. Click Next to continue.

  2. The selected packages and the default download directory are displayed. Change the download directory location if required. Click Next.

  3. Once you have downloaded the installation files, a confirmation message is displayed. Click Next to start the Slony Replication installation.

Installing Slony

Fig. 2: Installing Slony

  1. Select an installation language and click OK.

  2. The installer welcomes you to the setup wizard. Click Next.

The Slony Welcome window

Fig. 3: The Slony Welcome window

  1. Use the Installation Directory field to specify the directory you wish to install Slony Replication. Then, click Next to continue.

The Installation Directory window

Fig. 4: The Installation Directory window

  1. The Ready to Install window notifies you when the installer has all of the information needed to install Slony Replication on your system. Click Next to install Slony Replication. Progress bars inform you as the installation progresses.

The Ready to Install window

Fig. 5: The Ready to Install window

  1. The installer notifies you when the setup wizard has completed the installation. Click Finish to exit the installer.

The installation is complete

Fig. 6: The installation is complete

  1. Click Finish to exit the StackBuilder Plus.

Exit StackBuilder Plus

Fig. 7: Exit StackBuilder Plus