Open source TPA v23

What is Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA)?

TPA is an orchestration tool developed by EnterpriseDB (EDB) that uses Ansible to deploy Postgres clusters according to EDB's recommendations.

TPA embodies the best practices followed by EDB, informed by many years of hard-earned experience with deploying and supporting Postgres. These recommendations are as applicable to quick testbed setups as to production environments.

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TPA Open Source FAQs

Can I use this if I'm not an EDB customer?

Yes, TPA is an open source project under the GPLv3 license. It supports deploying clusters comprised of open source software, or EDB's proprietary products, or combinations.

Can I report an issue?

Yes, if you're an EDB customer then please contact support. Otherwise please open a GitHub Issue.

Can I contribute?

Sure, we'd love to hear from you but please open an issue before you start coding. We are quite selective with what TPA can/should do so bug fixes are more likely to get accepted than new features.