Selective task execution v23

Using task selectors

You can tell TPA to run only a subset of the tasks that constitute a full deployment using the --excluded_tasks and --included_tasks options to tpaexec deploy. Each of these arguments is a string treated as a comma-separated list of selectors. Equivalently, you can set the excluded_tasks and included_tasks variables in config.yml, either for the whole cluster or for the separate instances. In config.yml, you can use either a comma-separated string or a yaml list.

Tasks matched by excluded_tasks are always excluded. If you specify included_tasks, then non-matching tasks are implicitly excluded.

Some selectors may be used in either list, and some only in the excluded_tasks list, as detailed below. A separate set of selectors is available for tpaexec test.


To deploy without running barman-related tasks:

[tpa]$ tpaexec deploy <clustername> --excluded_tasks barman

To deploy running only repmgr-related tasks:

[tpa]$ tpaexec deploy <clustername> --included_tasks repmgr

To deploy without trying to set hostnames on the instances:

[tpa]$ tpaexec deploy <clustername> --excluded_tasks hostname

To prevent bootstrap and ssh tasks from ever running, put the following into config.yml:

        - bootstrap
        - ssh

Supported selectors for tpaexec deploy

The following selectors are supported for either inclusion or exclusion:

  • barman

    Tasks related to Barman.

  • bdr

    Tasks related to setting up BDR, including when it is as used within a PGD cluster. If this selector is excluded, TPA will still install and configure the extension as specified in config.yml, but won't create the node groups or try to join the nodes.

  • efm

    Tasks related to EFM.

  • etcd

    Tasks related to etcd.

  • first-backup

    Tasks which ensure the minimum number of barman backups exist.

  • haproxy

    Tasks related to haproxy.

  • harp

    Tasks related to harp.

  • patroni

    Tasks related to patroni.

  • pem-agent

    Tasks related to the PEM agent.

  • pem-server

    Tasks related to the PEM server.

  • pem-webserver

    Tasks related to configuring the web server on a PEM server.

  • pg-backup-api

    Tasks related to Barman's Postgres backup API.

  • pgbouncer

    Tasks related to PgBouncer.

  • pgd-proxy

    Tasks related to PGD Proxy.

  • pglogical

    Tasks related to pglogical.

  • pkg

    Tasks which install packages using the system package manager.

  • postgres

    Tasks related to postgres.

  • replica

    Tasks which are run and instances acting as postgres replicas.

  • repmgr

    Tasks related to repmgr.

  • restart

    Tasks which restart services

  • sys

    Tasks related to system setup before any tasks specific to postgres or related software.

  • zabbix-agent

    Tasks related to the zabbix agent.

The following selectors are supported only for exclusion:

  • artifacts

    Tasks related to artifacts.

  • barman-clean

    Tasks which clean up the Barman build directory if Barman is being built from source.

  • bootstrap

    Tasks which ensure that python and other minimal dependencies are present before the rest of the deploy runs. Exclude this only if you are sure you have manually installed the relevant requirements.

  • build-clean

    Tasks which clean up build directories for any software that is being built from source.

  • build-configure

    Tasks which configure any software that is being built from source.

  • cloudinit

    Tasks which are run only on hosts managed by cloud-init.

  • commit-scopes

    Tasks related to configuration of BDR commit scopes.

  • config

    Tasks which create config files.

  • fs

    Tasks related to setting up additional volumes on instances.

  • hostkeys

    Tasks which set up ssh host keys.

  • hostname

    Tasks which set the hostname.

  • hosts

    Tasks which add entries to /etc/hosts

  • initdb

    Tasks which run initdb.

  • local-repo

    Tasks which set up local package repositories.

  • locale

    Tasks which install locale support.

  • openvpn

    Tasks which set up OpenVPN.

  • pg-backup-api-clean

    Tasks which clean up the build directory if the Postgres backup API is being built from source.

  • pgbouncer-config

    Tasks which create configuration files for pgbouncer.

  • pgpass

    Tasks which create the .pgpass file.

  • postgres-clean

    Tasks which clean up the build directory if postgres is being built from source.

  • replication-sets

    Tasks related to witness-only replication sets on a BDR3 cluster.

  • repmgr-clean

    Tasks which clean up the build directory if repmgr is being built from source.

  • repmgr-configure

    Tasks which configure repmgr if it is being built from source.

  • repo

    Tasks which set up package repositories.

  • rsyslog

    Tasks related to rsyslog.

  • service

    Tasks related to system services, including configuration and restarting.

  • src

    Tasks which build and install packages from source.

  • ssh

    Tasks related to setting up ssh between instances.

  • sysctl

    Tasks which set and reload sysctl settings.

  • sysstat

    Tasks releated to the sysstat service.

  • tpa

    Tasks related to TPA's own files installed on instances.

  • user

    Tasks related to setting up system users.

  • watchdog

    Tasks related to the kernel watchdog on a patroni cluster.

Supported selectors for tpaexec test

The following selectors apply only for execution of tpaexec test:

  • camo

    Tasks related to testing CAMO in a BDR or PGD cluster.

  • ddl

    Tasks related to testing DDL in a BDR or PGD cluster.

  • fail

    Tasks which abort tests if a problem is detected. Exclude this selector to run tests regardless of failures.

  • pgbench

    Tasks which run pgbench.

  • sys

    Tasks which run system-level tests.

  • barman, bdr, haproxy, pg-backup-api, pgbouncer, pgd-proxy, postgres, repmgr,

    Tasks which test the various software components.