tpaexec switchover v23

The tpaexec switchover command performs a controlled switchover between a primary and a replica in a cluster that uses streaming replication. After you run this command, the selected replica is promoted to be the new primary, the former primary becomes a new replica, and any other replicas in the cluster will be reconfigured to follow the new primary.

The command checks that the cluster is healthy before switching roles, and is designed to be run without having to shut down any repmgr services beforehand.

(This is equivalent to running repmgr standby switchover with the --siblings-follow option.)


This command will make replicaname be the new primary in ~/clusters/speedy:

$ tpaexec switchover ~/clusters/speedy replicaname

Architecture options

This command is applicable only to M1 clusters that have a single writable primary instance and one or more read-only replicas.

For BDR-Always-ON clusters, use the HAProxy server pool management commands to perform maintenance on PGD instances.