Uploading artifacts v23

You can define artifacts to create or copy files to target instances:

  - type: path
    path: /some/target/path
    state: directory
    owner: root
    group: root
    mode: "0755"
  - type: file
    src: /host/path/to/file
    dest: /target/path/to/file
    owner: root
    group: root
    mode: "0644"
  - type: archive
    src: example.tar.gz
    dest: /some/target/path
  - type: directory
    src: /host/path/a/
    dest: /target/path/b/

The following types are supported:

  • Use path to create or remove and change the ownership or mode of files and directories (takes the same parameters as Ansible's file module, which it uses internally)

  • Use file to copy a file from the controller and set the ownership and mode (uses copy)

  • Use archive to extract files from an archive to a specified location (uses unarchive)

  • Use directory to rsync a directory from the controller to target instances (uses synchronize)

The example shows one entry for each of the above artifact types, but you can use these or any other parameters that the corresponding Ansible module accepts.

Copying files and directories to target instances is a common-enough need that this feature provides a convenient shortcut you can use instead of writing a custom hook.