Configuring 2ndQuadrant repositories v23

This page explains how to configure 2ndQuadrant package repositories on any system.

For more details on the EDB and 2ndQuadrant package sources used by TPA see this page.

To specify the complete list of 2ndQuadrant repositories to install on each instance in addition to the 2ndQuadrant public repository, set tpa_2q_repositories to a list of 2ndQuadrant repository names:

    - products/pglogical3/release
    - products/bdr3/release

This example will install the pglogical3 and bdr3 release repositories. On Debian and Ubuntu systems, it will use the APT repository, and on RedHat systems, it will use the YUM repository. The 2ndQuadrant repositories are not available for SLES systems.

To use 2ndQuadrant repositories, you must export TPA_2Q_SUBSCRIPTION_TOKEN=xxx before you run tpaexec. You can get your subscription token from the 2ndQuadrant Portal, under "Company info" in the left menu, then "Company". Some repositories are available only by prior arrangement.

The dl/default/release repository is always installed by default, unless you

  • explicitly set tpa_2q_repositories: [], or
  • have at least one entry in edb_repositories.

Either or the above will result in no 2ndQuadrant repositories being installed.