Postgres source installation v23

TPA will compile and install Postgres from source if you set postgres_installation_method to src. This feature is meant for use in development and testing, and allows you to switch between packaged and source builds within an identically-configured cluster.

Even here, you do not need to change the defaults, which will give you a working cluster with debugging enabled.

Git repository

The default settings will build and install Postgres from the community Git repository, using the REL_xx_STABLE branch corresponding to your postgres_version. You can specify a different repository or branch (any valid git reference) as follows:

  postgres_git_url: git://
  postgres_git_ref: REL_12_STABLE

The default repository does not require authentication, but if necessary, you can use SSH agent forwarding or an HTTPS username/password to authenticate to other repositories.

The repository will be cloned into postgres_src_dir (default: /opt/postgres/src/postgres), or updated with git pull if the directory already exists (e.g., if you are re-deploying).

Build customisation

By default, TPA will configure and build Postgres with debugging enabled and sensible defaults in postgres_build_dir (default: /opt/postgres/build/postgres). You can change various settings to customise the build:

    CFLAGS: "-O3"
    - --with-llvm
    - --disable-tap-tests

This will run ./configure with the options in postgres_extra_configure_opts and the settings from postgres_extra_configure_env defined in the environment. Some options are specified by default (e.g., --with-debug), but can be negated by the corresponding --disable-xxx or --without-xxx options. Building --without-openssl is not supported.

If required, you can also change the following default build commands:

  postgres_make_command: "make -s"
    - "all"
    - "-C contrib all"
    - "install"
    - "-C contrib install"

Run tpaexec deploy … --skip-tags build-clean in order to reuse the build directory when doing repeated deploys. (Otherwise the old build directory is emptied before starting the build.) You can also configure local source directories to speed up your development builds.

Whenever you run a source build, Postgres will be restarted.

Additional components

Even if you install Postgres from packages, you can compile and install extensions from source. There's a separate page about how to configure install_from_source.

If you install Postgres from source, however, you will need to install extensions from source as well, because the extension packages typically depend on the Postgres package(s) being installed.

Package installation

There's a separate page about installing Postgres and Postgres-related packages with postgres_installation_method: pkg (the default).