Configuring EDB Repos 2.0 repositories v23

You can configure EDB Repos 2.0 package repositories using cluster variables.

For more details on the EDB and 2ndQuadrant package sources used by TPA, see How TPA uses 2ndQuadrant and EDB repositories.

To specify the complete list of repositories from EDB Repos 2.0 to install on each instance, set edb_repositories to a list of EDB repository names:

    - enterprise
    - postgres_distributed

This example installs the enterprise subscription repository as well as postgres_distributed, giving access to EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PGD version 5 products. On Debian or Ubuntu systems, it uses the apt repository. On RedHat or SLES systems, it uses the rpm repositories, through the yum or zypper front ends, respectively.

If you specify any EDB repositories, any 2ndQuadrant repositories specified are ignored and no EDB Repos 1.0 are installed.

To use EDB Repos 2.0, you must export EDB_SUBSCRIPTION_TOKEN=xxx before you run tpaexec. You can get your subscription token from the web interface.