Git credentials v23

This page explains how to clone Git repositories that require authentication.

This may be required when you change postgres_git_url to install Postgres from source or use install_from_source to compile and install extensions.

You have two options to authenticate without writing the credentials to disk on the target instance:

  • For an ssh:// repository, you can add an SSH key to your local ssh-agent. Agent forwarding is enabled by default if you use --install-from-source (forward_ssh_agent: yes in config.yml).

  • For an https:// repository, you can export TPA_GIT_CREDENTIALS=username:token in your environment before running tpaexec deploy.


When deploying to Docker on macOS, you should use only https:// repository URLs because Docker containers cannot be accessed by ssh from the host in this environment.

SSH key authentication

If you are cloning an SSH repository and have an SSH keypair (id_example and, use SSH agent forwarding to authenticate on the target instances:

  • You need to run ssh-agent locally. If your desktop environment does not already set this up for you (as most do—pgrep ssh-agent to check if it's running), run ssh-agent bash to temporarily start a new shell with the agent enabled, and run tpaexec deploy from that shell.

  • Add the required key(s) to the agent with ssh-add /path/to/id_example (the private key file)

  • Enable SSH agent forwarding by setting forward_ssh_agent: yes at the top level in config.yml before tpaexec provision. (This is done by default if you use --install-from-source.)

During deployment, any keys you add to your agent will be made available for authentication to remote servers through the forwarded agent connection.

Use SSH agent forwarding with caution, preferably with a disposable keypair generated specifically for this purpose. Users with the privileges to access the agent's Unix domain socket on the target server can co-opt the agent into impersonating you while authenticating to other servers.

HTTPS username/password authentication

If you are cloning an HTTPS repository with a username and authentication token or password, just export TPA_GIT_CREDENTIALS=username:token in your environment before tpaexec deploy. During deployment, these credentials will be made available to any git clone or git pull tasks (only). They will not be written to disk on the target instances.