Adding Postgres extensions v23

Default Postgres extensions

By default, TPA adds the following extensions to every Postgres database (and if needed, automatically adds the corresponding entries into shared preload libraries)

  • pg_stat_statements
  • pg_freespacemap
  • pg_visibility
  • pageinspect
  • pgstattuple

User defined extensions

Additional extensions can be configured within config.yml, by specifying the extension name, any required shared preload entries and the package containing the extension.

TPA recognized extensions

The following list of extensions only require the extension name to be added in config.yml (either to extra_postgres_extensions OR to the extensions list of a database specified in postgres_databases) and TPA will automatically include the correct package and any required entries to shared_preload_libraries.

  • edb_pg_tuner
  • query_advisor
  • edb_wait_states
  • sql_profiler
  • autocluster
  • refdata