Configuring repmgr v23

TPA will install repmgr on all postgres instances that have the failover_manager instance variable set to repmgr; this is the default setting.

The directory of the repmgr configuration file defaults to /etc/repmgr/<version>, where <version> is the major version of postgres being installed on this instance, but can be changed by setting the repmgr_conf_dir variable for the instance. The configuration file itself is always called repmgr.conf.

The default repmgr configuration will set up automatic failover between instances configured with the role primary and the role replica.

repmgr configuration

The following instance variables can be set:

repmgr_priority: sets priority in the config file repmgr_location: sets location in the config file repmgr_reconnect_attempts: sets reconnect_attempts in the config file, default 6 repmgr_reconnect_interval: sets reconnect_interval in the config file, default 10 repmgr_use_slots: sets use_replication_slots in the config file, default 1 repmgr_failover: sets failover in the config file, default automatic

Any extra settings in repmgr_conf_settings will also be passed through into the repmgr config file.

repmgr on PGD instances

On PGD instances, repmgr_failover will be set to manual by default.