Running initdb v23

TPA will first create postgres_data_dir if it does not exist, and ensure it has the correct ownership, permissions, and SELinux context. Then, unless the directory already contains a VERSION file, it will run initdb to initialise postgres_data_dir.

You can use the pre-initdb hook to execute tasks before postgres_data_dir is created and initdb is run. If the hook initialises postgres_data_dir, TPA will find the VERSION file and realise that it does not need to run initdb itself.

You can optionally set postgres_initdb_opts to a list of options to pass to initdb:

  postgres_locale: de_DE.UTF-8
  - --data-checksums

We recommend always including the --data-checksums option (which is included by default).

TPA will set TZ=UTC in the environment, and set LC_ALL to the postgres_locale you specify, when running initdb.

Separate configuration directory

By default, postgres_conf_dir is equal to postgres_data_dir, and the Postgres configuration files (postgresql.conf, pg_ident.conf, pg_hba.conf, and the include files in conf.d) are created within the data directory. If you change postgres_conf_dir, TPA will move the generated configuration files to the new location after running initdb.