EDB PgBouncer

EDB PgBouncer can manage your connections to Postgres databases and help your workloads run more efficiently. It's particularly useful if you plan to use more than a few hundred active connections. You can enable EDB PgBouncer to be entirely managed by BigAnimal, when creating your cluster. See Creating a cluster.

BigAnimal provisions up to three instances per EDB PgBouncer-enabled cluster to ensure that performance is unaffected, so each availability zone receives its own instance of EDB PgBouncer.


Currently, you can't enable EDB PgBouncer when using BigAnimal's cloud account or when creating a distributed high-availability cluster using your cloud account.

If you want to deploy and manage PgBouncer outside of BigAnimal, see the How to configure EDB PgBouncer with BigAnimal cluster knowledge-base article.