Deleting your cluster

If you no longer need a particular cluster, you can delete it from the BigAnimal portal. You can restore deleted clusters after you delete the cluster for as long as the backup is available. The backup remains available for the retention period set for each cluster. After the retention period, the backup is deleted.

To stop the management costs on the cluster, contact EDB's BigAnimal Support team, Otherwise, costs might continue to accumulate.

Delete your cluster


You can delete a cluster only if you have either promoted or deleted each of its faraway replicas. See Faraway replicas.

  1. Go to the Clusters page in the BigAnimal portal.
  2. To delete the cluster, do one of the following:
    • Select the Delete cluster icon in the row for the cluster.
    • Select the cluster you want to delete. From Quick Actions on the cluster details page, select Delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the cluster. When the process finishes, the cluster is listed on the Deleted tab of the Clusters page.
  4. To stop the associated management costs, contact Support. For more information on management costs, see Pricing and billing.

Restore your cluster

You can restore your deleted cluster for as long as the backup is available.

  1. Select the Delete tab on the Clusters page in the BigAnimal portal.

  2. Select the Restore icon for the cluster you want to restore.

  3. On the Restore Cluster page, review your selections in the Cluster Summary. Select Restore Cluster to begin the restore process.

    When the process completes, the restored cluster is available on the Clusters page.


To restore a TDE enabled cluster, the TDE key material must match with source cluster encryption key material. In case a different key material is used the restore operation fails.

We recommend, not to enable TDE while restoring a cluster, if the source cluster is a non-TDE cluster.