Connecting to your cluster

You can connect to your cluster from your cloud applications, from your client apps, and from integration points such as EDB's migration tools or PgBouncer.

From your applications

The Private Networking option offers a higher level of isolation and security by moving your cluster out of the public Internet. Clusters with Private Networking enabled are by default not accessible from outside of your cluster's resource network. You need to perform additional configuration steps to connect your applications in other parts of your cloud infrastructure to your clusters via private network links.


EDB strongly discourages provisioning additional resources in the cluster's resource virtual network.


From a client app

For details on connecting from psql or edb-psql, other common database drivers, and pgAdmin, see Connecting from a client app.

There you'll also find details on connecting read-only workloads and configuring SSL settings.

From an EDB's migration tools integration point

To connect your cluster to EDB's migration tools, see Migrating databases to BigAnimal.

From an EDB PgBouncer integration point

You can manage your connections using the EDB PgBouncer connection pooler. For more information, see Configuring EDB PgBouncer for BigAnimal.

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