Copying a database v16

EDB Clone Schema is an extension module for EDB Postgres Advanced Server that allows you to copy a schema and its database objects from a local or remote database (the source database) to a receiving database (the target database).

The source and target databases can be either:

  • The same physical database
  • Different databases in the same database cluster
  • Separate databases running under different database clusters on separate database server hosts

Overview and limitations

Provides an overview of the key features of EDB Clone Schema as well as important information about limitations

Setting up EDB Clone Schema

Describes how to install and configure the EDB Clone Schema extension

Copying a local database

Describes how to copy database objects from a source database into the same database but with a different schema name

Copying a remote database

Describes how to copy a database when the source schema and the copy will reside in separate databases

Checking status

Describes how to obtain the status of the cloning function

Performing cleanup tasks

Describes how to cleanup log files