Configuring a package installation v16

The packages that install the database server component create a unit file on version 7.x or 8.x hosts and service startup scripts.

Creating a database cluster and starting the service

The PostgreSQL initdb command creates a database cluster. When installing EDB Postgres Advanced Server with an RPM package, the initdb executable is in /usr/edb/asx.x/bin. After installing EDB Postgres Advanced Server, you must manually configure the service and invoke initdb to create your cluster. When invoking initdb, you can:

  • Specify environment options on the command line.
  • Include the systemd service manager on RHEL/CentOS 7.x or RHEL/Rocky Linux/AlmaLinux 8.x and use a service configuration file to configure the environment.

For more information, see the initdb documentation.

After specifying any options in the service configuration file, you can create the database cluster and start the service. The steps are platform specific.

On RHEL/CentOS 7.x or RHEL/Rocky Linux/AlmaLinux 8.x

To invoke initdb on a RHEL/CentOS 7.x or Rocky Linux/AlmaLinux 8.x system with the options specified in the service configuration file, assume the identity of the operating system superuser:

su - root

To initialize a cluster with nondefault values, you can use the PGSETUP_INITDB_OPTIONS environment variable. You can initialize the cluster using the edb-as-16-setup script under EPAS_Home/bin.

To invoke initdb, export the PGSETUP_INITDB_OPTIONS environment variable:

PGSETUP_INITDB_OPTIONS="-E UTF-8" /usr/edb/as16/bin/edb-as-16-setup initdb

After creating the cluster, use systemctl to start, stop, or restart the service:

systemctl { start | stop | restart } edb-as-16

On Debian 10.x | 11.x or Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04

You can initialize multiple clusters using the bundled scripts. To create a new cluster, assume root privileges, and invoke the bundled script:

/usr/bin/epas_createcluster 16 main2

To start a new cluster:

/usr/bin/epas_ctlcluster 16 main2 start  

To list all the available clusters:


The data directory is created under /var/lib/edb-as/16/main2, and the configuration directory is created under /etc/edb-as/16/main/.