The following table lists the information available in the ALL_TAB_SUBPARTITIONS view.

table_ownernameThe name of the owner of the table.
schema_namenameThe name of the schema in which the table resides.
table_namenameThe name of the table.
partition_namenameThe name of the partition.
subpartition_namenameThe name of the subpartition.
high_valuetextThe high partitioning value specified in the CREATE TABLE statement.
high_value_lengthintegerThe length of high partitioning value.
subpartition_positionintegerThe ordinal position of this subpartition.
tablespace_namenameThe tablespace in which this subpartition resides.
pct_freenumericThis column is always 0.
pct_usednumericThis column is always 0.
ini_transnumericThis column is always 0.
max_transnumericThis column is always 0.
initial_extentnumericThis column is always NULL.
next_extentnumericThis column is always NULL.
min_extentnumericThis column is always 0.
max_extentnumericThis column is always 0.
pct_increasenumericThis column is always 0.
freelistsnumericThis column is always NULL.
freelist_groupsnumericThis column is always NULL.
loggingcharacter varying(7)This column is always YES.
compressioncharacter varying(8)This column is always NONE.
num_rowsnumericThe approx. number of rows in this subpartition.
blocksintegerThe approx. number of blocks in this subpartition.
empty_blocksnumericThis column is always NULL.
avg_spacenumericThis column is always NULL.
chain_cntnumericThis column is always NULL.
avg_row_lennumericThis column is always NULL.
sample_sizenumericThis column is always NULL.
last_analyzedtimestamp without time zoneThis column is always NULL.
buffer_poolcharacter varying(7)This column is always NULL.
global_statscharacter varying(3)This column is always YES.
user_statscharacter varying(3)This column is always NO.
backing_tableregclassOID of the backing table for this subpartition.