Summary of configuration parameters v16

This summary table list all EDB Postgres Advanced Server configuration parameters along with a number of key attributes of the parameters.

These attributes are described by the following columns of the summary table:

  • Parameter Configuration parameter name and a brief description of the configuration parameter. Parameters for use only with EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) are denoted by (EPAS only).

  • Scope Scope of effect of the configuration parameter setting:

    • Cluster Setting affects the entire database cluster, that is, all databases managed by the database server instance.
    • Database Setting can vary by database and is established when the database is created. Applies to a small number of parameters related to locale settings.
    • Session Setting can vary down to the granularity of individual sessions.

    In other words, different settings can be made for the following entities in which the latter settings in this list override prior ones:

    • The entire database cluster
    • Specific databases in the database cluster
    • Specific roles
    • Specific roles when connected to specific databases
    • A specific session
  • In effect When a changed parameter setting takes effect:

    • Preset Established when the EDB Postgres Advanced Server product is built or a particular database is created. This is a read-only parameter and can't be changed.
    • Restart You must restart the database server.
    • Reload You must reload configuration file or restart the database server.
    • Immediately Immediately effective in a session if the PGOPTIONS environment variable or the SET command is used to change the setting in the current session. Effective in new sessions if ALTER DATABASE, ALTER ROLE, or ALTER ROLE IN DATABASE commands are used to change the setting.
  • Used by Type of operating system account or database role that must be used to put the parameter setting into effect.

    • EPAS account The EDB Postgres Advanced Server service account (enterprisedb for an installation compatible with Oracle databases, postgres for a PostgreSQL compatible mode installation).
    • Superuser Database role with superuser privileges.
    • User Any database role with permissions on the affected database object, that is, the database or role to alter with the ALTER command.
    • n/a No user can change the parameter setting.

Some parameters can never be altered. These are designated as Note: For internal use only in the description.

ParameterScopeIn effectUsed by
allow_system_table_mods Allows modifications of the structure of system tables.ClusterRestartEPAS account
application_name Sets the application name to be reported in statistics and logs.SessionImmediatelyUser
archive_command Sets the shell command called to archive a WAL file.ClusterReloadEPAS account
archive_mode Allows archiving of WAL files using archive_command.ClusterRestartEPAS account
archive_timeout Forces a switch to the next xlog file if a new file has not been started within N seconds.ClusterReloadEPAS account
array_nulls Enables input of NULL elements in arrays.SessionImmediatelyUser
authentication_timeout Sets the maximum allowed time to complete client authentication.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum Starts the autovacuum subprocess.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_analyze_scale_factor Number of tuple inserts, updates, or deletes prior to analyze as a fraction of reltuples.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_analyze_threshold Minimum number of tuple inserts, updates, or deletes prior to analyze.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_freeze_max_age Age at which to autovacuum a table to prevent transaction ID wraparound.ClusterRestartEPAS account
autovacuum_max_workers Sets the maximum number of simultaneously running autovacuum worker processes.ClusterRestartEPAS account
autovacuum_multixact_freeze_max_age Multixact age at which to autovacuum a table to prevent multixact wraparound.ClusterRestartEPAS account
autovacuum_naptime Time to sleep between autovacuum runs.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay Vacuum cost delay in milliseconds, for autovacuum.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_limit Vacuum cost amount available before napping, for autovacuum.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_vacuum_scale_factor Number of tuple updates or deletes prior to vacuum as a fraction of reltuples.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_vacuum_threshold Minimum number of tuple updates or deletes prior to vacuum.ClusterReloadEPAS account
autovacuum_work_mem Sets the maximum memory to be used by each autovacuum worker process.ClusterReloadEPAS account
backslash_quote Sets whether "\'" is allowed in string literals.SessionImmediatelyUser
bgwriter_delay Background writer sleep time between rounds.ClusterReloadEPAS account
bgwriter_lru_maxpages Background writer maximum number of LRU pages to flush per round.ClusterReloadEPAS account
bgwriter_lru_multiplier Multiple of the average buffer usage to free per round.ClusterReloadEPAS account
block_size Shows the size of a disk block.ClusterPresetn/a
bonjour Enables advertising the server via Bonjour.ClusterRestartEPAS account
bonjour_name Sets the Bonjour service name.ClusterRestartEPAS account
bytea_output Sets the output format for bytea.SessionImmediatelyUser
check_function_bodies Checks function bodies during CREATE FUNCTION.SessionImmediatelyUser
checkpoint_completion_target Time spent flushing dirty buffers during checkpoint, as fraction of checkpoint interval.ClusterReloadEPAS account
checkpoint_segments (Deprecated) Specifies a value for the parameter prevents the server from starting.-
checkpoint_timeout Sets the maximum time between automatic WAL checkpoints.ClusterReloadEPAS account
checkpoint_warning Enables warnings if checkpoint segments are filled more frequently than this.ClusterReloadEPAS account
client_encoding Sets the client's character set encoding.SessionImmediatelyUser
client_min_messages Sets the message levels that are sent to the client.SessionImmediatelyUser
commit_delay Sets the delay in microseconds between transaction commit and flushing WAL to disk.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
commit_siblings Sets the minimum concurrent open transactions before performing commit_delay.SessionImmediatelyUser
config_file Sets the server's main configuration file.ClusterRestartEPAS account
constraint_exclusion Enables the planner to use constraints to optimize queries.SessionImmediatelyUser
cpu_index_tuple_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of processing each index entry during an index scan.SessionImmediatelyUser
cpu_operator_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of processing each operator or function call.SessionImmediatelyUser
cpu_tuple_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of processing each tuple (row).SessionImmediatelyUser
cursor_tuple_fraction Sets the planner's estimate of the fraction of a cursor's rows to retrieve.SessionImmediatelyUser
custom_variable_classes(EPAS only) Deprecated in EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.2.ClusterReloadEPAS account
data_checksums Shows whether data checksums are turned on for this cluster.ClusterPresetn/a
data_directory Sets the server's data directory.ClusterRestartEPAS account
datestyle Sets the display format for date and time values.SessionImmediatelyUser
db_dialect(EPAS only) Sets the precedence of built-in namespaces.SessionImmediatelyUser
dbms_alert.max_alerts(EPAS only) Sets maximum number of alerts.ClusterRestartEPAS account
dbms_pipe.total_message_buffer(EPAS only) Specifies the total size of the buffer used for the DBMS_PIPE package.ClusterRestartEPAS account
db_user_namespace Enables per-database user names.ClusterReloadEPAS account
deadlock_timeout Sets the time to wait on a lock before checking for deadlock.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
debug_assertions Turns on various assertion checks. (Not supported in EPAS builds.)ClusterPresetn/a
debug_pretty_print Indents parse and plan tree displays.SessionImmediatelyUser
debug_print_parse Logs each query's parse tree.SessionImmediatelyUser
debug_print_plan Logs each query's execution plan.SessionImmediatelyUser
debug_print_rewritten Logs each query's rewritten parse tree.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_heap_fillfactor(EPAS only) Creates new tables with this heap fill factor by default.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_statistics_target Sets the default statistics target.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_tablespace Sets the default tablespace to create tables and indexes in.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_text_search_config Sets default text search configuration.User
default_transaction_deferrable Sets the default deferrable status of new transactions.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_transaction_isolation Sets the transaction isolation level of each new transaction.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_transaction_read_only Sets the default read-only status of new transactions.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_with_oids Creates new tables with OIDs by default.SessionImmediatelyUser
default_with_rowids(EPAS only) Creates new tables with ROWID support (ROWIDs with indexes) by default.SessionImmediatelyUser
dynamic_library_path Sets the path for dynamically loadable modules.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
dynamic_shared_memory_type Selects the dynamic shared memory implementation used.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_audit(EPAS only) Enables EDB Auditing to create audit reports in XML or CSV format.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver(EPAS only) Enables audit log archiver process.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_timeout(EPAS only) Checks the audit log files based on the edb_audit_archiver_timeout parameter.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_filename_prefix(EPAS only) Determines audit log files with edb_audit_archiver_filename_prefix in edb_audit_directory are eligible for compression and/or expiration; the parameter must align with edb_audit_filename.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_compress_time_limit(EPAS only) Shows time in seconds after which the audit logs are eligible for compression.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_compress_size_limit(EPAS only) Shows total size in megabytes after which the audit logs are eligible for compression.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_compress_command(EPAS only) Compresses the audit log files.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_compress_suffix(EPAS only) Determines suffix for an already compressed log file. The parameter must align with edb_audit_archiver_compress_command.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_expire_time_limit(EPAS only) Shows time in seconds after which the audit logs are eligible for expiration.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_expire_size_limit(EPAS only) Shows total size in megabytes after which the audit logs are eligible for expiration.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_expire_command(EPAS only) Execute on an expired audit log before removing it.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_archiver_sort_file(EPAS only) Identifies the oldest log file and sorts them alphabetically or based on mtime.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_connect(EPAS only) Audits each successful connection.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_destination(EPAS only) Sets edb_audit_directory or syslog as the destination directory for audit files. The syslog setting is only valid for a Linux system.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_directory(EPAS only) Sets the destination directory for audit files.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_disconnect(EPAS only) Audits end of a session.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_filename(EPAS only) Sets the file name pattern for audit files.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_rotation_day(EPAS only) Automatic rotation of log files based on day of week.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_rotation_seconds(EPAS only) Automatic log file rotation occurs after N seconds.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_rotation_size(EPAS only) Automatic log file rotation occurs after N Megabytes.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_statement(EPAS only) Sets the type of statements to audit.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_audit_tag(EPAS only) Specifies a tag to include in the audit log.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_connectby_order(EPAS only) Sorts results of CONNECT BY queries with no ORDER BY to depth-first order. Note: For internal use only.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_data_redaction(EPAS only) Enables data redaction.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_dynatune(EPAS only) Sets the edb utilization percentage.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_dynatune_profile(EPAS only) Sets the workload profile for dynatune.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_enable_pruning(EPAS only) Enables the planner to early-prune partitioned tables.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_log_every_bulk_value(EPAS only) Sets the statements logged for bulk processing.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
edb_max_resource_groups(EPAS only) Specifies the maximum number of resource groups for simultaneous use.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_max_spins_per_delay(EPAS only) Specifies the number of times a session spins while waiting for a lock.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_redwood_date(EPAS only) Determines whether DATE should behave like a TIMESTAMP or not.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_redwood_greatest_least(EPAS only) Determines how GREATEST and LEAST functions should handle NULL parameters.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_redwood_raw_names(EPAS only) Returns the unmodified name stored in the PostgreSQL system catalogs from Redwood interfaces.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_redwood_strings(EPAS only) Treats NULL as an empty string when concatenated with a text value.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_resource_group(EPAS only) Specifies the resource group to be used by the current process.SessionImmediatelyUser
edb_sql_protect.enabled(EPAS only) Defines whether SQL/Protect should track queries or not.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_sql_protect.level(EPAS only) Defines the behavior of SQL/Protect when an event is found.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_sql_protect.max_protected_relations(EPAS only) Sets the maximum number of relations protected by SQL/Protect per role.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_sql_protect.max_protected_roles(EPAS only) Sets the maximum number of roles protected by SQL/Protect.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_sql_protect.max_queries_to_save(EPAS only) Sets the maximum number of offending queries to save by SQL/Protect.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_stmt_level_tx(EPAS only) Allows continuing on errors instead of requiring a transaction abort.SessionImmediatelyUser only) Stores the EDB wait states logs in this directory.ClusterRestartEPAS account
edb_wait_states.retention_period(EPAS only) Deletes EDB wait state log files after retention period.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edb_wait_states.sampling_interval(EPAS only) The interval between two EDB wait state sampling cycles.ClusterReloadEPAS account
edbldr.empty_csv_field(EPAS only) Specifies how EDB*Loader handles empty strings.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
effective_cache_size Sets the planner's assumption about the size of the disk cache.SessionImmediatelyUser
effective_io_concurrency Number of simultaneous requests that can be handled efficiently by the disk subsystem.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_bitmapscan Enables the planner's use of bitmap-scan plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_hashagg Enables the planner's use of hashed aggregation plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_hashjoin Enables the planner's use of hash join plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_hints(EPAS only) Enables optimizer hints in SQL statements.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_indexonlyscan Enables the planner’s use of index-only-scan plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_indexscan Enables the planner's use of index-scan plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_material Enables the planner's use of materialization.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_mergejoin Enables the planner's use of merge join plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_nestloop Enables the planner's use of nested-loop join plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_seqscan Enables the planner's use of sequential-scan plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_sort Enables the planner's use of explicit sort steps.SessionImmediatelyUser
enable_tidscan Enables the planner's use of TID scan plans.SessionImmediatelyUser
escape_string_warning Warns about backslash escapes in ordinary string literals.SessionImmediatelyUser
event_source Sets the application name used to identify PostgreSQL messages in the event log.ClusterRestartEPAS account
exit_on_error Terminates session on any error.SessionImmediatelyUser
external_pid_file Writes the postmaster PID to the specified file.ClusterRestartEPAS account
extra_float_digits Sets the number of digits displayed for floating-point values.SessionImmediatelyUser
from_collapse_limit Sets the FROM-list size beyond which subqueries are not collapsed.SessionImmediatelyUser
fsync Forces synchronization of updates to disk.ClusterReloadEPAS account
full_page_writes Writes full pages to WAL when first modified after a checkpoint.ClusterReloadEPAS account
geqo Enables genetic query optimization.SessionImmediatelyUser
geqo_effort GEQO: effort is used to set the default for other GEQO parameters.SessionImmediatelyUser
geqo_generations GEQO: number of iterations of the algorithm.SessionImmediatelyUser
geqo_pool_size GEQO: number of individuals in the population.SessionImmediatelyUser
geqo_seed GEQO: seed for random path selection.SessionImmediatelyUser
geqo_selection_bias GEQO: selective pressure within the population.SessionImmediatelyUser
geqo_threshold Sets the threshold of FROM items beyond which GEQO is used.SessionImmediatelyUser
gin_fuzzy_search_limit Sets the maximum allowed result for exact search by GIN.SessionImmediatelyUser
hba_file Sets the server's "hba" configuration file.ClusterRestartEPAS account
hot_standby Allows connections and queries during recovery.ClusterRestartEPAS account
hot_standby_feedback Allows feedback from a hot standby to the primary that avoids query conflicts.ClusterReloadEPAS account
huge_pages Uses huge pages on Linux.ClusterRestartEPAS account
icu_short_form(EPAS only) Shows the ICU collation order configuration.DatabasePresetn/a
ident_file Sets the server's "ident" configuration file.ClusterRestartEPAS account
ignore_checksum_failure Continues processing after a checksum failure.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
ignore_system_indexes Disables reading from system indexes. (Can also be set with PGOPTIONS at session start.)Cluster
EPAS account
index_advisor.enabled(EPAS only) Enables Index Advisor plugin.SessionImmediatelyUser
integer_datetimes Datetimes are integer based.ClusterPresetn/a
intervalStyle Sets the display format for interval values.SessionImmediatelyUser
join_collapse_limit Sets the FROM-list size beyond which JOIN constructs are not flattened.SessionImmediatelyUser
krb_caseins_users Sets whether Kerberos and GSSAPI user names should be treated as case-insensitive.ClusterReloadEPAS account
krb_server_keyfile Sets the location of the Kerberos server key file.ClusterReloadEPAS account
lc_collate Shows the collation order locale.DatabasePresetn/a
lc_ctype Shows the character classification and case conversion locale.DatabasePresetn/a
lc_messages Sets the language in which messages are displayed.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
lc_monetary Sets the locale for formatting monetary amounts.SessionImmediatelyUser
lc_numeric Sets the locale for formatting numbers.SessionImmediatelyUser
lc_time Sets the locale for formatting date and time values.SessionImmediatelyUser
listen_addresses Sets the host name or IP address(es) to listen to.ClusterRestartEPAS account
local_preload_libraries Lists shared libraries to preload into each backend. (Can also be set with PGOPTIONS at session start.)Cluster
EPAS account
lock_timeout Sets the maximum time allowed that a statement may wait for a lock.SessionImmediatelyUser
lo_compat_privileges Enables backward compatibility mode for privilege checks on large objects.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_autovacuum_min_duration Sets the minimum execution time above which autovacuum actions are logged.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_checkpoints Logs each checkpoint.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_connections Logs each successful connection. (Can also be set with PGOPTIONS at session start.)Cluster
EPAS account
log_destination Sets the destination for server log output.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_directory Sets the destination directory for log files.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_disconnections Logs end of a session, including duration. (Can also be set with PGOPTIONS at session start.)Cluster
EPAS account
log_duration Logs the duration of each completed SQL statement.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_error_verbosity Sets the verbosity of logged messages.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_executor_stats Writes executor performance statistics to the server log.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_file_mode Sets the file permissions for log files.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_filename Sets the file name pattern for log files.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_hostname Logs the host name in the connection logs.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_line_prefix Controls information prefixed to each log line.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_lock_waits Logs long lock waits.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_min_duration_statement Sets the minimum execution time above which statements are logged.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_min_error_statement Causes all statements generating error at or above this level to be logged.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_min_messages Sets the message levels that are logged.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_parser_stats Writes parser performance statistics to the server log.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_planner_stats Writes planner performance statistics to the server log.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_rotation_age Automatic log file rotation occurs after N minutes.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_rotation_size Automatic log file rotation occurs after N kilobytes.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_statement Sets the type of statements logged.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_statement_stats Writes cumulative performance statistics to the server log.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_temp_files Logs the use of temporary files larger than this number of kilobytes.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
log_timezone Sets the time zone to use in log messages.ClusterReloadEPAS account
log_truncate_on_rotation Truncates existing log files of same name during log rotation.ClusterReloadEPAS account
logging_collector Starts a subprocess to capture stderr output and/or csv logs into log files.ClusterRestartEPAS account
maintenance_work_mem Sets the maximum memory to be used for maintenance operations.SessionImmediatelyUser
max_connections Sets the maximum number of concurrent connections.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_files_per_process Sets the maximum number of simultaneously open files for each server process.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_function_args Shows the maximum number of function arguments.ClusterPresetn/a
max_identifier_length Shows the maximum identifier length.ClusterPresetn/a
max_index_keys Shows the maximum number of index keys.ClusterPresetn/a
max_locks_per_transaction Sets the maximum number of locks per transaction.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_pred_locks_per_transaction Sets the maximum number of predicate locks per transaction.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_prepared_transactions Sets the maximum number of simultaneously prepared transactions.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_replication_slots Sets the maximum number of simultaneously defined replication slots.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_stack_depth Sets the maximum stack depth, in kilobytes.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
max_standby_archive_delay Sets the maximum delay before canceling queries when a hot standby server is processing archived WAL data.ClusterReloadEPAS account
max_standby_streaming_delay Sets the maximum delay before canceling queries when a hot standby server is processing streamed WAL data.ClusterReloadEPAS account
max_wal_senders Sets the maximum number of simultaneously running WAL sender processes.ClusterRestartEPAS account
max_wal_size Sets the maximum size to which the WAL grows between automatic WAL checkpoints. The default is 1GB.ClusterReloadEPAS account
max_worker_processes Maximum number of concurrent worker processes.ClusterRestartEPAS account
min_wal_size Sets the threshold at which WAL logs is recycled rather than removed. The default is 80 MB.ClusterReloadEPAS account
nls_length_semantics(EPAS only) Sets the semantics to use for char, varchar, varchar2 and long columns.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
odbc_lib_path(EPAS only) Sets the path for ODBC library.ClusterRestartEPAS account
optimizer_mode(EPAS only) Default optimizer mode.SessionImmediatelyUser
oracle_home(EPAS only) Sets the path for the Oracle home directory.ClusterRestartEPAS account
password_encryption Encrypts passwords.SessionImmediatelyUser
pg_prewarm.autoprewarm(EPAS only) Enables the autoprewarm background worker.ClusterRestartEPAS account
pg_prewarm.autoprewarm_interval(EPAS only) Sets the minimum number of seconds after which autoprewarm dumps shared buffers.ClusterReloadEPAS account
port Sets the TCP port on which the server listens.ClusterRestartEPAS account
post_auth_delay Waits N seconds on connection startup after authentication. (Can also be set with PGOPTIONS at session start.)Cluster
EPAS account
pre_auth_delay Waits N seconds on connection startup before authentication.ClusterReloadEPAS account
qreplace_function(EPAS only) The function to be used by Query Replace feature. Note: For internal use only.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
query_rewrite_enabled(EPAS only) Skils child table scans if their constraints guarantee that no rows match the query.SessionImmediatelyUser
query_rewrite_integrity(EPAS only) Sets the degree to which query rewriting must be enforced.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
quote_all_identifiers When generating SQL fragments, quotes all identifiers.SessionImmediatelyUser
random_page_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of a nonsequentially fetched disk page.SessionImmediatelyUser
restart_after_crash Reinitializes server after backend crash.ClusterReloadEPAS account
search_path Sets the schema search order for names that are not schema-qualified.SessionImmediatelyUser
segment_size Shows the number of pages per disk file.ClusterPresetn/a
seq_page_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of a sequentially fetched disk page.SessionImmediatelyUser
server_encoding Sets the server (database) character set encoding.DatabasePresetn/a
server_version Shows the server version.ClusterPresetn/a
server_version_num Shows the server version as an integer.ClusterPresetn/a
session_preload_libraries Lists shared libraries to preload into each backend.SessionImmediately
but only at connection start
session_replication_role Sets the session's behavior for triggers and rewrite rules.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
shared_buffers Sets the number of shared memory buffers used by the server.ClusterRestartEPAS account
shared_preload_libraries Lists shared libraries to preload into server.ClusterRestartEPAS account
sql_inheritance Causes subtables to be included by default in various commands.SessionImmediatelyUser
ssl Enables SSL connections.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_ca_file Location of the SSL certificate authority file.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_cert_file Location of the SSL server certificate file.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_ciphers Sets the list of allowed SSL ciphers.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_crl_file Location of the SSL certificate revocation list file.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_ecdh_curve Sets the curve to use for ECDH.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_key_file Location of the SSL server private key file.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers Gives priority to server ciphersuite order.ClusterReloadEPAS account
ssl_renegotiation_limit Sets the amount of traffic to send and receive before renegotiating the encryption keys.SessionImmediatelyUser
standard_conforming_strings Causes '...' strings to treat backslashes literally.SessionImmediatelyUser
statement_timeout Sets the maximum allowed duration of any statement.SessionImmediatelyUser
stats_temp_directory Writes temporary statistics files to the specified directory.ClusterReloadEPAS account
superuser_reserved_connections Sets the number of connection slots reserved for superusers.ClusterRestartEPAS account
synchronize_seqscans Enables synchronized sequential scans.SessionImmediatelyUser
synchronous_commit Sets immediate fsync at commit.SessionImmediatelyUser
synchronous_standby_names Lists names of potential synchronous standbys.ClusterReloadEPAS account
syslog_facility Sets the syslog "facility" to be used when syslog enabled.ClusterReloadEPAS account
syslog_ident Sets the program name used to identify PostgreSQL messages in syslog.ClusterReloadEPAS account
tcp_keepalives_count Maximum number of TCP keepalive retransmits.SessionImmediatelyUser
tcp_keepalives_idle Time between issuing TCP keepalives.SessionImmediatelyUser
tcp_keepalives_interval Time between TCP keepalive retransmits.SessionImmediatelyUser
temp_buffers Sets the maximum number of temporary buffers used by each session.SessionImmediatelyUser
temp_file_limit Limits the total size of all temporary files used by each session.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
temp_tablespaces Sets the tablespace(s) to use for temporary tables and sort files.SessionImmediatelyUser
timed_statistics(EPAS only) Enables the recording of timed statistics.SessionImmediatelyUser
timezone Sets the time zone for displaying and interpreting time stamps.SessionImmediatelyUser
timezone_abbreviations Selects a file of time zone abbreviations.SessionImmediatelyUser
trace_hints(EPAS only) Emits debug info about hints being honored.SessionImmediatelyUser
trace_notify Generates debugging output for LISTEN and NOTIFY.SessionImmediatelyUser
trace_recovery_messages Enables logging of recovery-related debugging information.ClusterReloadEPAS account
trace_sort Emits information about resource usage in sorting.SessionImmediatelyUser
track_activities Collects information about executing commands.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
track_activity_query_size Sets the size reserved for pg_stat_activity.current_query, in bytes.ClusterRestartEPAS account
track_counts Collects statistics on database activity.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
track_functions Collects function-level statistics on database activity.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
track_io_timing Collects timing statistics for database I/O activity.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
transaction_deferrable Specifies whether to defer a read-only serializable transaction until it can be executed with no possible serialization failures.SessionImmediatelyUser
transaction_isolation Sets the current transaction's isolation level.SessionImmediatelyUser
transaction_read_only Sets the current transaction's read-only status.SessionImmediatelyUser
transform_null_equals Treats "expr=NULL" as "expr IS NULL".SessionImmediatelyUser
unix_socket_directories Sets the directory where the Unix-domain socket is created.ClusterRestartEPAS account
unix_socket_group Sets the owning group of the Unix-domain socket.ClusterRestartEPAS account
unix_socket_permissions Sets the access permissions of the Unix-domain socket.ClusterRestartEPAS account
update_process_title Updates the process title to show the active SQL command.SessionImmediatelySuperuser
utl_encode.uudecode_redwood(EPAS only) Allows decoding of Oracle-created uuencoded data.SessionImmediatelyUser
utl_file.umask(EPAS only) Umask used for files created through the UTL_FILE package.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_cost_delay Vacuum cost delay in milliseconds.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_cost_limit Vacuum cost amount available before napping.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_cost_page_dirty Vacuum cost for a page dirtied by vacuum.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_cost_page_hit Vacuum cost for a page found in the buffer cache.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_cost_page_miss Vacuum cost for a page not found in the buffer cache.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_defer_cleanup_age Number of transactions by which VACUUM and HOT cleanup should be deferred, if any.ClusterReloadEPAS account
vacuum_freeze_min_age Minimum age at which VACUUM should freeze a table row.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_freeze_table_age Age at which VACUUM should scan whole table to freeze tuples.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_multixact_freeze_min_age Minimum age at which VACUUM should freeze a MultiXactId in a table row.SessionImmediatelyUser
vacuum_multixact_freeze_table_age Multixact age at which VACUUM should scan whole table to freeze tuples.SessionImmediatelyUser
wal_block_size Shows the block size in the write ahead log.ClusterPresetn/a
wal_buffers Sets the number of disk-page buffers in shared memory for WAL.ClusterRestartEPAS account
wal_keep_segments Sets the number of WAL files held for standby servers.ClusterReloadEPAS account
wal_level Set the level of information written to the WAL.ClusterRestartEPAS account
wal_log_hints Writes full pages to WAL when first modified after a checkpoint, even for non-critical modifications.ClusterRestartEPAS account
wal_receiver_status_interval Sets the maximum interval between WAL receiver status reports to the primary.ClusterReloadEPAS account
wal_receiver_timeout Sets the maximum wait time to receive data from the primary.ClusterReloadEPAS account
wal_segment_size Shows the number of pages per write ahead log segment.ClusterPresetn/a
wal_sender_timeout Sets the maximum time to wait for WAL replication.ClusterReloadEPAS account
wal_sync_method Selects the method used for forcing WAL updates to disk.ClusterReloadEPAS account
wal_writer_delay WAL writer sleep time between WAL flushes.ClusterReloadEPAS account
work_mem Sets the maximum memory to be used for query workspaces.SessionImmediatelyUser
xloginsert_locks Sets the number of locks used for concurrent xlog insertions.ClusterRestartEPAS account
xmlbinary Sets how binary values are to be encoded in XML.SessionImmediatelyUser
xmloption Sets whether XML data in implicit parsing and serialization operations is to be considered as documents or content fragments.SessionImmediatelyUser
zero_damaged_pages Continues processing past damaged page headers.SessionImmediatelySuperuser