ECPGPlus v16

EDB has enhanced ECPG (the PostgreSQL precompiler) to create ECPGPlus. ECPGPlus allows you to include embedded SQL commands in C applications. When you use ECPGPlus to compile an application that contains embedded SQL commands, the SQL code is syntax checked and translated into C.

ECPGPlus supports Pro*C-compatible syntax in C programs when connected to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server database. ECPGPlus supports:

  • Oracle Dynamic SQL – Method 4 (ODS-M4)
  • Pro*C-compatible anonymous blocks
  • A CALL statement compatible with Oracle databases

As part of ECPGPlus' Pro*C compatibility, you don't need to include the BEGIN DECLARE SECTION and END DECLARE SECTION directives.

See ECPGPlus overview for details about installing and configuring the utility.