Adding a publication database v7

You must identify to Replication Server the database for publications by creating a publication database definition.

After you create the publication database definition, a Publication Database node representing that publication database definition appears in the replication tree of the Replication Server console. You can then create publications for containing tables and views residing in this database under the Publication Database node.

You must enter database connection information such as the database server network address, database identifier, and database login user name and password when you create the publication database definition. The publication server uses the connection information to access the publication tables and views when it performs replication.

  1. Make sure the database server in which the publication database resides is running and accepting client connections.

  2. Select the SMR type node under the Publication Server node. Select Publication > Publication Database > Add Database.

  3. In the Publication Service – Add Database dialog box, fill in the following fields:

    • Database Type. Select Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Postgres Plus Advanced Server for the type of publication database. For an EDB Postgres Advanced Server Oracle-compatible installation, select the Postgres Plus Advanced Server option. For PostgreSQL or an Advanced Server PostgreSQL-compatible installation, select the PostgreSQL option.

    • Host. IP address of the host where the publication database server is running.

    • Port. Port on which the publication database server is listening for connections.

    • User. The publication database user name created in Step 1 of Preparing the publication database.

    • Password. Password of the database user.

    • Service ID (For Oracle). Enter the Oracle system identifier (SID) of the Oracle instance running the publication database if SID is selected. Enter the net service name of a connect descriptor as defined in the TNSNAMES.ORA file if Service Name is selected. For Oracle 12c pluggable database), use the service name.

    • Database (For Postgres or SQL Server). Enter the Postgres or SQL Server database name.

    • URL Options (For SSL connectivity). Enter the URL options to establish SSL connectivity to the publication database. See Using secure sockets layer (SSL) connections for more information.

    • Changeset Logging (For Postgres). Select Table Triggers to use the trigger-based method of synchronization replication. Select WAL Stream to use the log-based method of synchronization replication. For more information, see Synchronization replication with the trigger-based method and Synchronization replication with the log-based method.


      If the controller database is an Oracle or SQL Server publication database, then you can't add a second Oracle or SQL Server publication database to create a second single-master replication system. For Replication Server to run more than one single-master replication systems consisting of Oracle or SQL Server publication databases, designate a Postgres publication database as the controller database. See Controller database for more information.

  1. Select Test. When Test Result: Success appears, select OK and then select Save.

    When the publication database definition is successfully saved, a Publication Database node is added to the replication tree under the Publication Server node.

    For Oracle only: You can add multiple Oracle databases as publication databases by completing the Add Database dialog box for each database. You can also add the same Oracle database as two or more distinct publication database definitions if you use different publication database user names for each publication database definition.

    For Postgres or SQL Server: You can add multiple Postgres or SQL Server databases as publication databases by completing the Add Database dialog box for each database. However, unlike Oracle, you can add a given Postgres or SQL Server database as a publication database definition only once.