Switching the primary definition node v7

After you create the multi-master replication system, you can switch the role of the primary definition node with another primary node.

  1. In the Replication Server console, make sure the publication server whose node is the parent of the primary nodes of the replication system is running and registered in the console you're using. See Registering a publication server to learn how to start and registe a publication server.

  2. Select the Publication Database node corresponding to the primary node that you want to set as the primary definition node.

  3. From the context menu, select Set as MDN.

  4. In the confirmation box, select Yes. The selected master node is now the master definition node.

    The value Yes in the MDN field of the Property window indicates this database is the primary definition node.

    The new primary definition node moves to the top of the replication tree.


Perform a synchronization replication to ensure that the new primary definition node is synchronized with the other primary nodes. See Performing synchronization replication for details.