Service pack maintenance v7

Maintenance items (bug fixes and enhancements) that were added to this version of Replication Server are listed below.

  1. Registering your Replication Server product with an EnterpriseDB product license key is no longer required. Thus, all components related to registering the product were removed. The following are the removed components:

    • The Product Registration dialog box accessed from the EPRS Replication Console Help menu
    • The license_key parameter located in the EPRS Replication Configuration file
    • The Replication Server CLI registerkey command (43230)
  2. Partitioned tables created using the declarative partitioning feature of PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 10 can now be replicated in a log-based single-master or multi-master replication system. (43134)

  3. In an SMR system, removal of a table from a publication that has one or more existing subscriptions is now permitted. Previously, no tables from a publication in an SMR system could be removed if there are existing subscriptions. (43110)