Installing a JDBC driver v7

Choosing and installing a JDBC driver

The JDBC driver you use depends on the database you're using. If you're using:


For Microsoft SQL Server, if your system uses JDK/JAVA, then we recommend that you use an equal or earlier mssql-jdbc jre version than the JDK/JAVA version on your system. For example, a system with JDK/JAVA version 18 can use mssql-jdbc-11.2.0.jre18.jar, mssql-jdbc-11.2.0.jre17.jar, and so on.

Configuring the driver

After downloading the driver, create a symlink in the XDB-install-folder/lib/jdbc directory that points to the location where you installed the driver.

For Linux, create a symlink for the driver using these naming conventions.

Driversymlink name
Microsoft SQL Servermssql-jdbc.jar

For Windows, copy the drivers to the XDB-install-folder/lib/jdbc directory and rename them using the same naming conventions.