Migration Toolkit 55.1.0 release notes v55

Released: 20 Sep 2021

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Toolkit 55.1.0 include:

EnhancementMigration Toolkit is enhanced to support migration from MySQL 5.7 and 8.0.
Bug FixFor MySQL to PostgreSQL migration, the boolean data type was not migrating in LO mode. This issue is fixed.
Bug FixFixed an issue to allow migration of table names starting with a number from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
Bug FixFixed an issue where the TIMESTAMP value changes within the same time zone when migrating from MYSQL TO PostgreSQL.
Bug FixWhile migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL, enum types were not being created on the target database with fastcopy mode. This issue is fixed.
Bug FixFixed failures related to the migration of BIT(n) data type from MySQL to PostgreSQL when n > 1.
Bug FixFixed an issue wherein while migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL, a number format exception was reported (72863).
Bug FixMigration of the PostgreSQL table fails when the associated OID value exceeds the INTEGER range. This issue is fixed (72694).
Bug FixFixed an issue related to the migration of JSON data type from PostgreSQL to Oracle.
Bug FixFor Oracle 19c to EDB Postgres Advanced Server, certain system users/schemas were incorrectly picked for migration. This issue is fixed.
Bug FixFixed an issue to allow migration of case-sensitive schema/table names in parallel loading mode from Oracle to EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
Bug FixCertain corner cases that were related to the use of the Custom Column Type mappings option, are fixed.