Migration Toolkit 55.0.0 release notes v55

Released: 19 Mar 2021

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Toolkit 55.0.0 include:

EnhancementSupport for parallel data loading at the table level. This allows you to use multiple threads to load data in parallel from the source database table and apply in parallel on the target database table. This significantly improves the data load time when dealing with relatively large size tables. The lab benchmark results have revealed a 25-60% reduction in the data load duration for a large table when using multiple parallel threads. This feature is supported for source PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and Oracle databases. See Migration Options for Parallel Data Loading.
EnhancementAs part of the table-level parallel data loading enhancement, the tableLoaderLimit and parallelLoadRowLimit options have been added to the command-line options list.
EnhancementSupport of schema and data migration from Oracle versions 18c and 19c.
EnhancementTotal migration time for the the schema and data migration session is reported via the Total Elapsed Migration Time attribute.
Bug FixSummary report does not accurately report status when data migration fails for table(s).
Bug FixSummary report does not remove redundant invalid objects.
Bug FixData size for a table reported in exponential format.
Bug FixAvoid failures when a duplicate table name is specified via '-tables' list.
Bug FixReflect small table sizes that were previously displaying as 0.0 MB.