EDB Postgres Distributed Command Line Interface (PGD CLI) v5

The EDB Postgres Distributed Command Line Interface (PGD CLI) is a tool for managing your EDB Postgres Distributed cluster. It's the key tool for inspecting and managing cluster resources.

It allows you to run commands against EDB Postgres Distributed clusters to:

  • Determine the health of the cluster, inspect the cluster's configuration, and manage the cluster's resources.
  • Inspect and manage the cluster's nodes, groups, and proxies.
  • Perform switchover operations on the write leaders of groups.

PGD CLI is installed automatically on systems in a TPA-deployed PGD cluster.

You can also install it manually on Linux and macOS systems that can connect to a PGD cluster, including:

  • EDB BigAnimal distributed high-availability clusters.
  • PGD clusters deployed using the EDB PGD for Kubernetes operator.
  • Manually deployed PGD clusters.
  • TPA-deployed PGD clusters.

Installing PGD CLI

Installing the PGD CLI on various systems.


How to use the PGD Command Line Interface (CLI) to manage your EDB Postgres Distributed cluster.

Configuring PGD CLI

Configuring PGD CLI for simpler connections to your PGD cluster

Discovering connection strings

How to obtain the correct connection strings for your PGD-powered deployment.

Command reference

A reference guide to the commands available in the PGD CLI.