PGD Proxy v5

Managing application connections is an important part of high availability. PGD Proxy offers a way to manage connections to the EDB Postgres Distributed cluster. It acts as a proxy layer between the client application and the Postgres database.

  • PGD Proxy overview provides an overview of the PGD Proxy, its processes, and how it interacts with the EDB Postgres Distributed cluster.

  • Installing the PGD Proxy service covers installation of the PGD Proxy service on a host.

  • Configuring PGD Proxy details the three levels (group, node, and proxy) of configuration on a cluster that control how the PGD Proxy service behaves.

  • Administering PGD Proxy shows how to switch the write leader and manage the PGD Proxy.

  • Monitoring PGD Proxy looks at how to monitor PGD Proxy through the cluster and at a service level.

  • Read-only routing explains how the read-only routing feature in PGD Proxy enables read scalability.

  • Raft provides an overview of the Raft consensus mechanism used to coordinate PGD Proxy.