Monitoring v5

Monitoring replication setups is important to ensure that your system:

  • Performs optimally
  • Doesn't run out of disk space
  • Doesn't encounter other faults that might halt operations

It's important to have automated monitoring in place to ensure that the administrator is alerted and can take proactive action when issues occur. For example, the administrator can be alerted if replication slots start falling badly behind,

EDB provides Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM), which supports PGD starting with version 8.1. See Monitoring EDB Postgres Distributed for more information.

Alternatively, tools or users can make their own calls into information views and functions provided by the BDR extension. See Monitoring through SQL for details.

EDB Postgres Distributed also integrates with OpenTelemetry, allowing you to use an existing reporting setup to follow the state of the EDB Postgres Distributed cluster. See OpenTelemetry integration for details.