Upgrading v5

While PGD and Postgres are closely related, they're separate products with separate upgrade paths. This section covers how to upgrade both PGD and Postgres.

Upgrading PGD

EDB Postgres Distributed is a flexible platform. This means that your upgrade path depends largely on how you installed PGD.

  • Upgrading with TPA If you installed using TPA, you can use its automated upgrade feature to upgrade to the latest minor versions.

  • Upgrading manually If you manually installed and configured your PGD cluster, you can move a cluster between versions, both minor and major.

  • Upgrade paths Several supported upgrade paths are available.

  • Compatibility changes If you're upgrading from PGD 3.x or 4.x to PGD 5.x or later, you need to understand the compatibility changes between versions.

Upgrading Postgres

Other upgrades

  • Application schema upgrades A guide for safely upgrading your application's schema when running multiple distributed servers with PGD.