Connect to your cluster using DBeaver


You can find all of the parameters you need to connect on the portal by selecting the name of your cluster on the Clusters page and then selecting the Connect tab.

  1. Launch DBeaver.

  2. To open the Connect to a database dialog box, on the toolbar, select New Database Connection.

  3. Select PostgreSQL and select Next.

    You might be prompted to download the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

  4. On the Main tab:

    • Enter your cluster's hostname in the Host field.
    • Enter edb_admin in the Database field.
    • Enter edb_admin in the Username field.
    • Enter your cluster's password in the Password field.
  5. On the SSL tab:

    • Select the Use SSL check box.
    • For the SSL mode: field, select require.
  6. On the PostgreSQL tab, select the Show all databases check box.

  7. To verify that DBeaver can connect to your cluster, select Test connection.

  8. To save the connection, select Finish.

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Further reading

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