Connect to your cluster using pgAdmin


You can find all of the parameters you need to connect on the portal by selecting the name of your cluster on the Clusters page and then selecting the Connect tab.

The pgAdmin project allows you to inspect, monitor, manage, and query your cluster's databases from a desktop or web UI.

From the welcome page of pgAdmin, select Add New Server. You're prompted to configure the connection.

Enter BigAnimal Trial for the name (or use the name you gave to your cluster!), and then select Connection.

  1. In the Host name/address field, enter your cluster's hostname.

  2. In the Maintenance database field, enter edb_admin. This is the default database that pgAdmin connects to.

  3. In the Username field, enter edb_admin.

  4. In the Password field, enter the password you provided when configuring your cluster. You might want to save this for convenience while testing.

  5. Select the SSL tab, and change SSL mode to Require.

  6. Select Save. pgAdmin tries to establish a connection to your database. When successful, it displays the dashboard along with the list of available databases on the left.

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