Setting up your Azure Marketplace account

Connect your cloud account with your Azure subscription.

Before starting, in Azure Active Directory, ensure your user type is Member (not Guest).

1. Select the EDB offer in the Azure portal.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal and go to Azure Marketplace.

  2. Find an offer from EnterpriseDB Corporation and select it.

  3. From the Select Plan list, select an available plan.

  4. Select Set up + subscribe.

2. Fill out the details for your plan.

  1. In the Project details section, enter or create a resource group for your subscription. See What is a resource group for more information.

  2. In the SaaS details section, enter the SaaS subscription name.

  3. Select Review + subscribe.

3. Accept terms of use.

  1. Review the terms of use provided by EDB.

  2. Select Subscribe.

4. Configure your account.

  1. To configure BigAnimal to use your Azure subscription and your Azure AD Application, select Configure account now.

  2. Fill in the Your BigAnimal Organization Name parameter with the SaaS Subscription Name you assigned as your BigAnimal Organization.

  3. Select Submit.

What's next

You can now:

Log in

You can log in to your BigAnimal account using your Azure AD identity.

Invite users

You can invite new users by sharing the link to the BigAnimal portal and having them log in with their Microsoft Azure Active Directory account. New users aren't assigned any roles by default. After they log in the first time, you see them in the User Management list and can assign them a role with permissions to BigAnimal. See Users for instructions.


Azure AD email domain is likely different from the email domain regularly used by your organization.