EDB*Loader key concepts and compatability v16

Key features

EDB*Loader features include:

  • Support for the Oracle SQL*Loader data loading methods (conventional path load, direct path load, and parallel direct path load)
  • Syntax for control file directives compatible with Oracle SQL*Loader
  • Input data with delimiter-separated or fixed-width fields
  • Bad file for collecting rejected records
  • Loading of multiple target tables
  • Discard file for collecting records that don't meet the selection criteria of any target table
  • Log file for recording the EDB*Loader session and any error messages
  • Data loading from standard input and remote loading, particularly useful for large data sources on remote hosts

Version compatibility restrictions

The important version compatibility restrictions between the EDB*Loader client and the database server are:

  • When you invoke the EDB*Loader program (called edbldr), you pass in parameters and directive information to the database server. We strongly recommend that you use the version of the EDB*Loader client, the edbldr program supplied with the version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server you are using, to load data only into the database server. In general, use the same version for the EDB*Loader client and database server.

  • Using EDB*Loader with connection poolers such as PgPool-II and PgBouncer isn't supported. EDB*Loader must connect directly to EDB Postgres Advanced Server version 16. Alternatively, you can use these commands for loading data through connection poolers:

psql \copy
jdbc copyIn
psycopg2 copy_from