Altering a profile v16

Use the ALTER PROFILE command to modify a user-defined profile. EDB Postgres Advanced Server supports two forms of the command:

ALTER PROFILE <profile_name> RENAME TO <new_name>;

ALTER PROFILE <profile_name>
      LIMIT {<parameter value>}[...];

Include the LIMIT clause and one or more space-delimited parameter/value pairs to specify the rules enforced by EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Or use ALTER PROFILE...RENAME TO to change the name of a profile.


  • profile_name specifies the name of the profile.
  • new_name specifies the new name of the profile.
  • parameter specifies the attribute limited by the profile.
  • value specifies the parameter limit.

See the table in Creating a new profile for a complete list of accepted parameter/value pairs.


The following example modifies a profile named acctg_profile:

ALTER PROFILE acctg_profile

acctg_profile counts failed connection attempts when a login role attempts to connect to the server. The profile specifies that if a user doesn't authenticate with the correct password in three attempts, the account is locked for one day.

The following example changes the name of acctg_profile to payables_profile:

ALTER PROFILE acctg_profile RENAME TO payables_profile;