Associating a profile with an existing role v16

After creating a profile, you can use the ALTER USER... PROFILE or ALTER ROLE... PROFILE command to associate the profile with a role. The command syntax related to profile management functionality is:

ALTER USER|ROLE <name> [[WITH] option[]

where option can be the following compatible clauses:

   PROFILE <profile_name>
| PASSWORD EXPIRE [AT '<timestamp>']

Or, option can be the following noncompatible clauses:

| PASSWORD SET AT '<timestamp>'
| LOCK TIME '<timestamp>'
| STORE PRIOR PASSWORD {'<password>' '<timestamp>} [, ...]

For information about the administrative clauses of the ALTER USER or ALTER ROLE command that are supported by EDB Postgres Advanced Server, see the PostgreSQL core documentation.

Only a database superuser can use the ALTER USER|ROLE clauses that enforce profile management. The clauses enforce the following behaviors:

  • Include the PROFILE clause and a profile_name to associate a predefined profile with a role or to change the predefined profile associated with a user.

  • Include the ACCOUNT clause and the LOCK or UNLOCK keyword to place the user account in a locked or unlocked state.

  • Include the LOCK TIME 'timestamp' clause and a date/time value to lock the role at the specified time and unlock the role at the time indicated by the PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME parameter of the profile assigned to this role. If LOCK TIME is used with the ACCOUNT LOCK clause, only a database superuser can unlock the role with the ACCOUNT UNLOCK clause.

  • Include the PASSWORD EXPIRE clause with the AT 'timestamp' keywords to specify a date/time when the password associated with the role expires. If you omit the AT 'timestamp' keywords, the password expires immediately.

  • Include the PASSWORD SET AT 'timestamp' keywords to set the password modification date to the time specified.

  • Include the STORE PRIOR PASSWORD {'password' 'timestamp} [, ...] clause to modify the password history, adding the new password and the time the password was set.

Each login role can have only one profile. To discover the profile that's currently associated with a login role, query the profile column of the DBA_USERS view.



The name of the role with which to associate the specified profile.


The password associated with the role.


The name of the profile to associate with the role.


The date and time at which to enforce the clause. When specifying a value for timestamp, enclose the value in single quotes.


This command uses the ALTER USER... PROFILE command to associate a profile named acctg with a user named john:

ALTER USER john PROFILE acctg_profile;

The following command uses the ALTER ROLE... PROFILE command to associate a profile named acctg with a user named john:

ALTER ROLE john PROFILE acctg_profile;