edb_redwood_date v16

DATE can appear as the data type of a column in the commands. To translate it to TIMESTAMP when the table definition is stored in the database, set the configuration parameter edb_redwood_date to TRUE. In this case, a time component is stored in the column with the date. This is consistent with Oracle’s DATE data type.

If edb_redwood_date is set to FALSE, the column’s data type in a CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE command remains as a native PostgreSQL DATE data type. It's stored as such in the database. The PostgreSQL DATE data type stores only the date without a time component in the column.

Regardless of the setting of edb_redwood_date, when DATE appears as a data type in any other context, it's always internally translated to a TIMESTAMP and thus can handle a time component if present. These contexts include the data type of a variable in an SPL declaration section or the data type of a formal parameter in an SPL procedure or SPL function or the return type of an SPL function.