This function and procedure generates the <AREA> HTML tag, which defines a client-side image map.


The following is the syntax for HTP:

   ccoords        IN       VARCHAR2
   cshape         IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   chref          IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   cnohref        IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   ctarget        IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   cattributes    IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL);

The following is the syntax for HTF:

HTF.AREA(ccoords, cshape, chref, cnohref, ctarget, cattributes) RETURN VARCHAR2;


ccoordsThe value for the COORDS attribute
cshapeThe value for the SHAPE attribute
chrefThe value for the HREF attribute
cnohrefIf the value for this parameter isn't NULL, adds the NOHREF attribute to the tag
ctargetThe value for the TARGET attribute
cattributesOther attributes to include as is in the tag