This function and procedure generates the <TH> and </TH> tags, which insert a header cell in an HTML table. The <TH> tag is similar to the <TD> tag except that the text in the row is usually rendered in bold.


The following is the syntax for HTP:

   cvalue         IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   calign         IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   cdp            IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   cnowrap        IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   crowspan       IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   ccolspan       IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL
   cattributes    IN       VARCHAR2   DEFAULT NULL);

The following is the syntax for HTF:

HTP.TABLEHEADER (cvalue, calign, cdp, cnowrap, crowspan, ccolspan, cattributes) RETURN VARCHAR2;


cvalueThe data for the cell in the table
calignThe value for the ALIGN attribute
cdpThe value for the DP attribute
cnowrapIf the value of this parameter isn't NULL, adds the NOWRAP attribute to the tag
crowspanThe value for the ROWSPAN attribute
ccolspanThe value for the COLSPAN attribute
cattributesOther attributes to include as is in the tag