Performing a minor version update of an RPM installation v15

If you used an RPM package to install EDB Postgres Advanced Server or its supporting components, you can use yum to perform a minor version upgrade to a more recent version. To review a list of the package updates that are available for your system, open a command line, assume root privileges, and enter the command:

yum check-update <package_name>

Where package_name is the search term for which you want to search for updates. You can include wildcard values in the search term. To use yum update to install an updated package, use the command:

yum update <package_name>

Where package_name is the name of the package you want to update. Include wildcard values in the update command to update multiple related packages with a single command. For example, use the following command to update all packages whose names include the expression edb:

yum update edb*

The yum update command performs an update only between minor releases. To update between major releases, use pg_upgrade.

For more information about using yum commands and options, enter yum --help at the command line.


If upgrading to version 15.4, or later, you should run edb_sqlpatch

If the command responds that it has a number of patches needing to be applied like so:

* database edb
0 patches were previously applied to this database.
58 patches need to be applied to this database.

Then it will be necessary to execute edb_sqlpatch to patch the system catalog. Run:

edb_sqlpatch -af

For more information about using edb_sqlpatch commands and options, please see edb_sqlpatch page.