Removing a publication v7

In a single-master replication system, you can remove a publication before removing its associated subscriptions. See Removing a subscription for more information.

In a multi-master replication system, remove the publication from under the Publication Database node representing the primary definition node. Before you can remove a publication, you must remove all non-MDN nodes. See Removing a publication database for information about removing a publication database definition of a primary node.

Removing a publication doesn't delete the publication tables in the publication database. It removes the identity and association of these tables to Replication Server so the tables remain in the database until the DBA deletes them with the DROP TABLE SQL statement.

The publication database user name is also left intact along with some of the Replication Server metadata database objects. Shadow tables and triggers associated with the publication tables that were created by the publication server are deleted when you remove the publication. The remaining metadata database objects are deleted when you remove the publication database definition.

To remove a publication:

  1. Make sure the publication server whose node is the parent of the publication you want to remove is running and registered in the Replication Server console you're using. See Registering a publication server to learn how to start and register a publication server.

  2. For SMR: Select the Publication node of the publication that you want to remove.

    For MMR: Select the Publication node under the Publication Database node representing the primary definition node.

  3. Select Publication > Remove Publication.

  4. Respond Yes in the Remove Publication confirmation box.

    The Publication node no longer appears under the Publication Database node.