Removing a publication database v7

Removing a publication database definition from Replication Server is equivalent to removing its Publication Database node.

If the Publication Database node you want to remove is currently designated as the controller database and there are additional publication databases in other single-master or multi-master replication systems, then you must first switch the controller database role to another publication database. See Switching the controller database for details.

If the Publication Database node you want to remove is the only remaining publication database (that is, there are no other single-master or multi-master replication systems), then this database can remain as the controller database. No other publication database is available to designate as the controller database. However, you must remove any existing subscription database definition before you remove the last Publication Database node.

In a single-master replication system, before you can remove a Publication Database node, you must remove all publications under that Publication Database node. See Removing a publication.

In a multi-master replication system, removing a Publication Database node representing a primary node (other than the primary definition node), eliminates that node’s future participation in the replication system. Synchronization replications no longer involve tables in the removed primary node.

In a multi-master replication system, removing the Publication Database node representing the primary definition node removes the remaining metadata database objects of that particular multi-master replication system, effectively removing the multi-master replication system (except for the database objects comprising the publication tables).

Removing the Publication Database node representing the primary definition node entails the following steps:

  • If the multi-master replication system is the only Replication Server replication system (that is, there are no single-master replication systems), then switch the controller database to the primary definition node if the designated controller database isn't currently the same database as the primary definition node.
  • If there are one or more single-master replication systems in addition to the multi-master replication system, switch the controller database to a Postgres publication database of a single-master replication system. If none of the single-master publication databases is of type Postgres, and there are more than one Oracle or SQL Server publication databases, then you must create a Postgres publication database for a single-master replication system just for the purpose of designating it as the controller database.
  • You must remove all Publication Database nodes representing non-MDN nodes. Repeat the process for each such primary node.
  • You must remove the publication under the Publication Database node representing the primary definition node. See Removing a publication for details.
  • Remove the Publication Database node representing the primary definition node.

Removing a Publication Database node doesn't delete the physical database from the database server. It removes the identity and association of the database to Replication Server. No further replications can originate from tables in the database unless there are other publication database definitions in Replication Server with the same host and database identifier. You can remove the physical database only by using the database management system’s database removal procedures.

The publication database user name is also left intact.

All Replication Server metadata database objects created for that publication database definition are deleted.

For Oracle and SQL Server: All metadata database objects under the publication database user’s schema are deleted.

For Postgres only: The schema _edb_replicator_pub and all of its database objects are deleted from the publication database.

To remove the Publication Database node and, equivalently, the publication database definition:

  1. Make sure the publication server whose node is the parent of the publication database definition you want to remove is running and registered in the Replication Server console you're using. See Registering a publication server to learn how to start and register a publication server.

  2. Select the Publication Database node that you want to remove.

  3. Select Publication > Publication Database > Remove Database.

  4. In the Remove Publication Database confirmation box, select Yes.

    The Publication Database node no longer appears under the Publication Server node.