set-group-options v5

Sets group options such as 'enable_raft', 'enable_proxy_routing', and 'location'.


You can set the following group options with this command:

  • 'enable_raft'
  • 'enable_proxy_routing'
  • 'location'
  • 'route_writer_max_lag'
  • 'route_reader_max_lag'

Both 'enable_raft' and 'enable_proxy_routing' must be true if proxy is attached to the group.

Use 'pgd show-groups -o json' to view option values for each group.

pgd set-group-options [flags]


  Example 1 (comma separated multiple options, spaces are not allowed)

  $ pgd set-group-options --group-name bdrgroup --option enable_proxy_routing=true,route_writer_max_lag=1000000
  group options updated successfully

  Example 2 (multiple --option flags are allowed)

  $ pgd set-group-options --group-name bdrgroup --option enable_proxy_routing=true --option route_writer_max_lag=1000000
  group options updated successfully

  Example 3 (use double quote if option value has spaces or special characters)

  $ pgd set-group-options --group-name bdrgroup --option "location = mumbai" --option "route_writer_max_lag = 1000000"
  group options updated successfully


      --group-name string   group name
  -h, --help                help for set-group-options
      --option strings      option in name=value format

Options inherited from parent commands

  -f, --config-file string   config file; ignored if
                             --dsn flag is present (default "/etc/edb/pgd-cli/pgd-cli-config.yml")
      --dsn string           database connection string
                             e.g."host=bdr-a1 port=5432 dbname=bdrdb user=postgres "
  -L, --log-level string     logging level: debug, info, warn, error (default "error")
  -o, --output string        output format: json, yaml