Encrypting the password in the Replication Server configuration file v7

If you need to change the password in the Replication Server configuration file, you must first encrypt the password. Use the encrypt command of the Replication Server CLI to generate the encrypted form of the password from its plain text form given in an input file.

  1. Create a text file with the password you want to encrypt. Don't leave any white space before or after the password.

    The following example shows the text newpassword in the input file passfile:

    $ cat passfile
  2. Use the edb-repcli.jar file to execute the Replication Server CLI with the encrypt command by first including the Java bin directory in your PATH environment variable and making XDB_HOME/bin your current working directory.

    For example, assuming /usr/bin contains the Java executable program and Replication Server is installed into the POSTGRES_INSTALL_HOME directory, perform the following:

    $ export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH
    $ cd /opt/PostgresPlus/9.4AS/bin
    $ java -jar edb-repcli.jar -encrypt -input ~/passfile -output ~/encrypted
    The following shows the encrypted form of the password in the output file encrypted:
    $ cat ~/encrypted
  3. Copy and paste the encrypted password into the Replication Server configuration file.

    #xDB Replication Server Configuration Properties
    #Thu Sep 03 11:13:27 GMT-05:00 2015